In early March, when long, cold winters have confined everybody to their homes, the Achieve Foundation launches a huge community get-together. It’s a simple, brilliant concept: Volunteer hosts throw parties and invite their friends and neighbors. Instead of bringing a beverage or dessert, guests make a contribution to Achieve. Over 1,000 dine in 50 or more homes in all neighborhoods each year, demonstrating the camaraderie and generosity of spirit of our two towns — all to benefit Achieve’s programs.

Party-goers are entertained at murder-mystery evenings, birthday bashes, casino events, retro parties, ladies’ nights and other themed parties. Since its inception in 2005, the Night of 100 Dinners has raised $400,000 to fund Achieve’s programs and benefit all nine schools in the district.

Last year’s Top Chef sponsor was local realtor Allison Ziefert. For the third year in a row, Allison Ziefert supported the Night of 100 Dinners at the highest sponsorship level. For more information about Ziefert, visit her real-estate WEBSITE.




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