Achieve With Us on 3/4! Sponsors welcome and tickets on sale Feb 1st!

Riecke Fellowship

All SOMSD faculty are invited to apply by 2/23 for a Michelle T. Riecke Teaching Fellowship for summer professional development programs.

Educator Grants

Jan. 2023: Achieve announces $37,000 in funding for 15 grants in the most recent round of awards. Watch our social media channels for check presentation pictures in our district schools!

Mission Statement

The Achieve Foundation promotes high-quality education that prepares South Orange-Maplewood School District students for the future. We support our students, families and educators by addressing inequities, inspiring innovation and fostering community.

Our priorities are to:

  • Champion Excellence: enhancing student experiences through meaningful programs, grants and funding that advance best educational practices
  • Address Equity: addressing the opportunity gap and unmet educational needs for vulnerable students in the District
  • Build Community: bringing together and working in coordination with stakeholders (students, families, teachers, administrators, volunteers, community at large) to strengthen and enrich educational experiences
  • Deliver Solutions: listening to stakeholders, evaluating options, and responding to evolving needs throughout the District

See Achieve’s 2021-2026 Strategic Plan Summary

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