STEAM Education

The Achieve Foundation promotes access to experience-based STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts and Math) education for all students at all grade levels – including makerspaces, robotics, computer programming, CAD design, technology, bioinformatics and more. STEAM education combines art and creativity with new technology in all subject areas.

A committee of volunteers and teachers studies the district’s needs to determine how best to support STEAM programs at all grade levels. New participants are welcome!

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Maker Madness

Maker Madness is Achieve’s way of bringing STEAM education to the community. This free, hands-on educational event for students and their families offers an interactive, museum-like experience that is equal parts demonstration (teaching) and experimentation (creation and play). The all-day event targets school-age children, especially those who do not have broad access to technology in their homes, or all who want to try their hands at designing, creating and building projects under the tutelage of STEAM experts from the school district and community.

Held at Columbia High School, Maker Madness offers activity stations such as animation, 3-D printing, electronics demolition, kinetic sculpture, catapults, coding, Popsicle stick bridges, pop-up books, origami, sewing and more! Hosted by Achieve at the end of April since 2015, the event is planned and carried out by more than 90 volunteers. Event expenses are covered by sponsors. Over 1,400 students and adults participate every year.

Thank you to our 2018 Sponsors!

Watch the 2018 Maker Madness Video!