Vanessa Pollock Music Initiative

Vanessa Pollock, the Pollock Properties Group, and Vanessa’s husband, Broadway actor Charlie Pollock, have dedicated themselves to raising money to help more students in the SO/M schools benefit from music training. The Pollocks appreciate the impact that outstanding instruction in performing arts had on their own lives and are grateful to be in a position to offer the same to their own children. Their goal is to provide assistance that will extend such opportunities to students whose families cannot afford them fully.

The couple established the Vanessa Pollock Music initiative with the Achieve Foundation in early 2015. The fund helps to maintain the district’s inventory of instruments, underwrites instrument rentals at the elementary and middle school levels so that all students can participate in band and orchestra, and supports teacher grant requests for music projects.

In addition, the initiative makes annual awards for advanced music training to Columbia High School students who demonstrate exceptional talent and are recommended by SOMSD music faculty. Awards are tailored to students’ specific needs for private music instruction and/or professional quality instruments. These scholarships are intended to enable these gifted students to maximize their potential in their musical pursuits.

Pollock & Friends Holiday Concert

On December 19, 2020 the Pollock Properties Group presented a live-streamed holiday concert featuring Charlie Pollock & Friends. “Home for the Holidays” and was free to attend and open to all, but viewers were invited to make donations to the Vanessa Pollock Music Initiative. The concert raised over $13,000 for music programs in our schools.