Achieve’s hallmark tutoring program improves the academic performance of children who are struggling with their schoolwork by pairing them with trained volunteer tutors. The initiative was started in 1997, based on the notion that children who are not reaching their full academic potential may benefit from the help of a free tutor.

Each year, about 200 tutors — 50 adults and 150 students — are trained to assist about 250 students in grades kindergarten through 12 who are referred to the program by their teachers. Achieve’s tutors help students overcome academic challenges and gain confidence. Moreover, students who tutor for Achieve reinforce their own learning and develop leadership skills.

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Becoming a Tutor

No formal teaching experience is necessary to be a tutor. Teachers in the school district lead required training workshops for tutors and supervise tutoring sites in the public schools. To participate, all volunteers must:

  • Complete an application
  • Give a brief interview
  • Participate in the tutor training program
  • Make a commitment of at least one hour per week for eight or more
    consecutive weeks

Prospective Student Tutors

Complete and return the application to the Achieve box in the Columbia High School Counseling Center or bring it to Amy Forman, program coordinator, in Room A139. You may also send it to her by email at

Ms. Forman is available to meet with students on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays in Room A139 at CHS during periods 5, 6 and 7, after school or by appointment.

Prospective Adult Tutors

Contact Amy Forman, program coordinator, to set up an interview. She can be reached via email at or by phone at 973-762-5600, ext. 1847.


Requesting a Tutor

Contact Amy Forman, program coordinator, via email at

Apply to Be a Tutor

Adult Community Volunteers


High School Student Volunteers



He went from a D+ in eighth-grade math to a B+ in eighth-grade math and a certificate of achievement in math at the honors ceremony.


As a tutor, I enjoyed getting to know more students in my district. Also, I felt good about being able to go back to my middle school and give back by tutoring students. As a student, I received a great tutor. My tutor was very helpful and patient.

Tutor who was once a tutee

My tutor was really funny and I had a huge improvement in geometry.


The kids’ confidence and skill improved. The teacher was very easy to work and communicate with. I got a great feeling from helping, and it took only minimal effort and a little patience!


My son enjoyed working with the volunteer on Saturdays. I think that experience helped him a great deal. The tutor helped him by setting a good example and being interested in his development.


I really enjoyed working with the children and I looked forward to going there every week! I hope to do this again next year!


It took me out if the equation and let my son self-advocate and be mentored by a peer.


The best part of my experience with the Achieve tutor program was knowing that my student was getting the extra help that she needed in a safe and comfortable environment.


The student completed his homework with much more frequency and success when he attended his tutoring sessions.